A cup of tea is something that you prefer, something that someone enjoys,

something that you would choose for yourself.

That is why I would like to invite you….


At Yoga in a Cup Tea I would like to invite you to rethink those ideas that ¨yoga is not for me¨ observe all the mental limitations that have been imposed on us throughout our lives.

My idea is to provide a space for those limitations to be put aside and focus to explore and make room for our best version. This is something that you would choose for yourself.


In this release, we are going to start from scratch and we will keep exploring different aspect of ourselves.


This tour of eight subjects, which will be the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Patanjali identified these eight interrelated aspects. We understand it as branches, since they grow in relation to each other, affecting the simultaneous use of all of them.

We will begin with a brief introduction to each one so that you can see yoga in its entirety, in Union as it is. It is for beginners who want to have an approach to yoga and do not know where or how to start.

It will be a tour on demand and with one live meetings for questions, doubts and above all to be within the same ¨Cup of Tea¨


The 10 hours program will be:

1st class: Yamas (the five yamas are universal and apply to everyone and everything, thought of as moral vows and observances. These five morals apply to us and everyone around us)


2nd class: Niyamas (These five personal is more about how we work with ourselves, how we turn our awareness inward to our own actions, and how these actions might in turn affect those around us)


3rd classes: Asanas (hundreds of physical postures and movements have been created in order to help clear and revitalise the body and mind, removing both subtle and physical ‘blocks’ or difficulties.


4th class: Pranayama (It is the control, harmonization and integration of energy through the regulation of respiration)


5th class: Pratyahara (This practice helps draw awareness inward, temporarily quieting the senses, it just happens)


6th class: Dharana (It is the action of keeping the attention in the same direction)


7th class: Dhyana (It is the state of meditative absorption, is where you’re at when you’re completely in the zone and unaware of anything around you)


8th Class: Samadhi (It is where sensory experiences and material things cease to be important in the mental state of the yoga practitioner)


These classes will be introductory so you will get the necessary information to take the next step if you think this is your way.

Each class will have theory and practice. I believe that passing it through our bodies is what gives us meaning, that is why I invite you to serve your own Cup of Tea and enjoy the experience.


From here I will be accompanying you so that this entry to your practice and knowledge is loving and cared for so from this space you can display your best version.

Embrace the soul.


Level: beginners

Number of hours: 10 hours

Lectures: eight (videos and written material). You can access to the each lectures or the amount of lectures that you want. You can pay for the whole workshop or per session. 

Start: 1st June on-demand

Where: On my personal channel                     

More info:

This workshop will be in English if you are interested in Spanish please send me an email for more information.